It’s mini in a massive way

Mac mini is an affordable powerhouse that packs the entire Mac experience into a 19.7cm-square frame. Just connect your own display, keyboard and mouse, and you’re ready to make big things happen.

Models Available : 500GB | 1TB Hard Drive | 1TB Fusion Drive

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Mac mini makes everyday tasks a breeze with fourth-generation Intel Core processors and wireless performance up to three times quicker than its predecessor. With Intel Iris Graphics or Intel HD Graphics 5000, it also delivers graphics performance up to 90 per cent faster than the previous generation. And with great connectivity features like Thunderbolt 2 and support for HDTV, Mac mini makes the perfect centrepiece to any setup.

Punches way above its weight

Mac mini features fourth-generation Intel Core processors, faster integrated graphics, Thunderbolt 2, next-generation Wi‑Fi and plenty of ports. Everything you expect from a Mac. And more.

Powerfully petite

Carved from a solid block of aluminium, Mac mini has a seamless, unique look that is unmistakably Mac. At just a few centimetres tall and under one and a half kilos, it keeps a low profile without sacrificing functionality. And it’s still the world’s most energy-efficient desktop computer — it doesn’t just meet ENERGY STAR requirements, it exceeds them up to seven times over. With a computer this compact, the only question is what to do with all that free desk space. 

Fourth-generation Intel Core processors. The little engine that does

With fourth-generation Intel Core processors, Mac mini keeps up with computers twice its size. You can choose a 1.4GHz, 2.6GHz or 2.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5.

When you’re using processor-intensive applications, Turbo Boost 2.0 increases the clock speed up to 3.3GHz. Hyper-Threading lets each core run two threads, so macOS multitasks even more efficiently. And an integrated memory controller connects fast 1600MHz memory directly to the processor, so it gets straight to work on your data. In short, Mac mini is a little box of vroom.

Great built-in apps for work and play

macOS. It’s why there’s nothing else like a Mac

Intel Iris Graphics and HD Graphics 5000. Every pixel comes alive

Storage. Make it big. And fast

Thunderbolt 2. The fastest, most versatile I/O in any desktop. Of any size

Thunderbolt 2 technology in Mac mini is phenomenally fast. The two Thunderbolt 2 ports on Mac mini feature dual 20-Gbps channels for data transfer. That’s up to four times faster than USB 3. But beyond speed, Thunderbolt gives you unprecedented expansion capabilities. You can daisy-chain as many as six Thunderbolt devices to a single port. And since Thunderbolt is based on DisplayPort technology, Mini DisplayPort devices like the Apple LED Cinema Display plug straight in too.

USB 3, Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth. You’re very well connected

Plenty of ports make it ready for anything.As powerful as Thunderbolt 2 is, it’s just one of your options. If you have a third-party display, you can use the HDMI port to connect it. You can connect two displays to see more of your photos, films and documents at the same time. And a built-in SDXC card slot makes it easy to import those photos and videos from your digital camera.

  • USB 3- With USB 3 built into Mac mini, you can connect your external hard drive and transfer large files in seconds instead of minutes. Every Mac mini comes with four USB 3 ports — with speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2 — and you can connect all your USB-compatible devices, including your iPhone, iPad, iPod or digital camera.
  • Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth- Powerful 802.11ac wireless technology is built into every Mac mini. It automatically locates your Wi‑Fi network, so you can connect and start surfing the web, printing and streaming your music wirelessly. Bluetooth wireless technology is also built in, so you can connect accessories such as a wireless keyboard and mouse. Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth also make it easy to seamlessly share your work with your other devices using Handoff or AirDrop.

Bring your own display, keyboard and mouse.

It’s like having your own team of experts

Additional information

Weight 1190-1220 g
Dimensions 197 × 197 × 36 mm
Select your color



19.7cm-square frame


1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz) with 3MB on-chip shared L3 cache
2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz) with 3MB on-chip shared L3 cache
2.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz) with 3MB on-chip shared L3 cache


500GB, 1TB Hard Drive, 1TB Fusion Drive


Intel HD Graphics 5000
Intel Iris Graphics


Wi-Fi(802.11ac Wi‑Fi wireless networking; IEEE 802.11a/g/b/n compatible), Bluetooth(Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology),Ethernet(10/100/1000BASE‑T Ethernet (RJ-45 connector))


Audio line in mini-jack (digital/analog)
Audio line out/3.5mm headphone jack (digital/analog)
HDMI port supports multi-channel audio output
Support for Apple iPhone headset with microphone
Built-in speaker


Features include:
VoiceOver, Zoom, Increase Contrast
Reduce Motion, Siri and Dictation, Switch Control
Closed Captions, Text to Speech

Operating System

macOS High Sierra

What’s in the Box

Mac mini
Power lead


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